Sunday, 11 May 2014

Can I get a HELL YEAH?!?!

Oooooh, how I love, love, LOVE JRFM!!!

Firstly, let's all give thanks to the promo peeps for laying YSIWPI to rest. Yes, they gave away a ton of money; yes they helped a lot of deserving people; yes, it kept us tuning in; and yes, yes, YES, we got to know many of the listeners better. There were so many NICE things about this contest that I don't want to say anything bad about it.

So I won't.

But what's THIS?!? Another awesome and exciting prize for the Best Call of the Week, that's what! Man, these people really know how to treat their listeners...

But wait! It's not quite as simple as it seems... you still have to wade into shark infested waters. So roll up your pant legs and make sure you don't have any open wounds - they can smell blood, and even more ominously, they can smell fear. Do not call unprepared, as a simple hesitation can get your call cut off. I can just see Karen ROLLING her eyes at the dead air...

So if you do go wading into those waters, you'd best take some shark repellent - a damned good story! Witty comments and interesting stories are welcome, but please, please, PUH-LEEEEEASE don't sing! Making them laugh is a sure bet so a great joke or anecdote (even a lymeric) might do it.

Oh! And here's what you win: a trip to Nashville for the CMAs, plus a meet and greet with Rascal Flats! Rascal frigging Flats!!! Eeeeeeeee!!! Their song "Broken Road" was our wedding song 8 years ago and still brings a tear to my eye... *sigh*

I look forward to hearing the winner squeal with delight on Friday!


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