Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Weekend Rap-Up

Kid Carson is off but we can still do the weekend rap-up:

Friday was blah day
Did nothing of note
Made it through bedtime
That's all she wrote.

Saturday we garage-saled
Bought more crap
Beware of loss leaders
They're a trap!

The library is my favourite kind of fun
It's free!
Books and videos for the kiddos
Nada for me

Sushi for lunch
The kids just love it
Edamame and California rolls
Gotta have it!

Dinner at the Keg
Was a real special treat
Triple baked potatoes
Can't be beat!

The gift certificate exhausted
We took our leave
Went bowling at the Zone
Fun like you wouldn't believe!

Easter Sunday started at 6
The bunny had come
Left chocolate eggs hidden
Plenty for everyone

Another egg hunt
And brunch with friends
Kids always whine
When that fun ends

Protect the grass
By mending the fence
Hey, it's 4/20 today!
The smoke downtown is dense...


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