Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Something's been bugging me...

...and I need to write it down to make sense of it.

What is bullying? Is it more than just physically threatening someone? Does it also include publicly shaming them? Does it include negative put downs? Would you consider it bullying if someone told you or your child that you weren't good enough, that you didn't meet expectations or perceived requirements, but they did so on line or in public?

Yes? I would consider that bullying too. So why, then, is it okay for the Conservative Party to repeatedly insult Trudeau with nationally aired commercials? I don't get it. It's not okay to bully children or coworkers, yet no one bats an eye when a politician is attacked. And by attacked I mean only verbally, insulted, berated, humiliated. On line as well as on air.  Imagine if someone were to do that to your child - plaster demeaning slander all over the Internet about them. Would we stand for it?

You can sue for libel, but you can't sue for bullying. That should be a "thing"...

Sorry, I just needed to write that down. I'm done now.


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